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Best 10,000 PSI (700 bar) hydraulic hand pump

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

At Winshaw we repair all makes and models of 10,000 PSI hand pumps from all the manufacturers both foreign and domestic. That puts us in a very good position to be able to compare and contrast the various pumps in regard to their performance but also their overall construction. It also gives us the perfect opportunity to work with the manufacturers of those pumps. This way we can gauge their ability to assist when we need spare parts, accessories or diagrams. That said, there are a LOT of different hydraulic pumps out there. Therefore, I am going to stick to pumps which are 10,000 PSI (700 Bar) max pressure, single acting and 3/8” NPT outlet. For the sake of brevity, I am going to compare the pumps which we repair most often and the ones which I see as most common. In alphabetical order:

BVA Model P1201S hand pump

  • Max Pressure: 10,000 PSI (700 bar)

  • Volume Per Stroke (Cu. In.): 1st Stage/2nd Stage: 0.15

  • Usable Oil Capacity: 67 Cu. In.

  • Tank Construction: Steel

  • Typical Price: $380.00

  • Typical Price for Repair Kit: $35.00

We repair these pumps regularly and you will note that they do boast a decent amount of usable oil in the reservoir. It does have a steel tank, which we prefer over the other synthetic tanks and the price point is attractive as well. The repair kits are priced inexpensively which is good too. However, you will note that it provides the lowest volume per stroke of all the pumps reviewed. This means that you will wind up having to pump the handle up and down more times than you would for all the other pumps. It is also our experience that while the repair kit is inexpensive, service manuals and support seem to be lacking. Of course, you can find exploded views of the pump but when it comes to step-by-step manuals we have not found them to exist. It is also our experience that BVA just doesn’t offer the depth of accessories and tools you would expect when building a system which would utilize this pump. This may force you to have various suppliers for a single system.

Enerpac P-391 hand pump

  • Max Pressure: 10,000 PSI (700 bar)

  • Volume Per Stroke (Cu. In.): 1st Stage/2nd Stage: 0.151

  • Usable Oil Capacity: 55 Cu. In.

  • Tank Construction: Synthetic

  • Typical Price: $450.00

  • Typical Price for Repair Kit: $60.00

We repair these pumps regularly as well, but you will note that it also produces a low volume of oil per stroke comparatively. This means that this pump will require a lot of handle pumping for the same result, when compared to the other pumps. It is also the only pump we review here which has a synthetic (plastic-like) reservoir. This is touted as being corrosion resistant and nonconductive, but what we find more often-than-not are cracked reservoirs and frustrated owners. The price is on the high side, comparatively, for both the pump and the repair kits. We also find that there seems to be no repair manual or step-by-step service instructions. You can find lots of information and specifications online, but in depth repair instructions seem nonexistent. However, these pumps are available from various locations and supply of these pumps and components is relatively easy to find.

Hi Force HP110 hand pump

  • Max Pressure: 10,000 PSI (700 bar)

  • Volume Per Stroke (Cu. In.): 1st Stage/2nd Stage: 0.18

  • Usable Oil Capacity: 61.02 Cu. In.

  • Tank Construction: Steel

  • Typical Price: $349.00

  • Typical Price for Repair Kit: $43.00

These pumps are very common and we not only repair them but we also supply them and keep them in our rental fleet. This is partly because this pump has the most displacement per stroke of any of the pumps we have compared. This means that you will get more out of each stroke and, in the end, require fewer strokes. This pump also has an ample supply of usable oil and is almost tied with the one pump which offers just slightly more. Furthermore, this pump has the best price point (at only $349) and the price of the repair kit is comparable as well. Finally, the support we receive on this pump is really very, very good. Spare parts drawings are available with exploded views and specifications for download, but they also can provide a fully illustrated, step-by-step manual to break down and service the pump. We have not seen another company who provides this same support in our experience.

Powerteam (SPX) P55 hand pump

  • Max Pressure: 10,000 PSI (700 bar)

  • Volume Per Stroke (Cu. In.): 1st Stage/2nd Stage: 0.16

  • Usable Oil Capacity: 45 Cu. In.

  • Tank Construction: Steel

  • Typical Price: $358.00 - $700.00

This final pump is also a relatively common pump and we repair it fairly regularly. This pump has a volume per stroke, which is slightly above the first two, but it will still translate into more pumps of the handle over time. Also this pump has the lowest capacity for oil, which means that you will have a more narrow range of tools and rams that it can function. It should also be pointed out that the max handle effort on these pumps is about 50% higher than any of the other pumps compared here. That means that not only will the pump require more strokes, but that each stroke (at higher pressures) will be about 50lbs harder than the others. In our experience, most of these pumps which come in for repair, are missing the plastic carry handle. The way the handle fixes to the body just doesn’t seem to be durable enough for most customers. Then once the handle breaks off, carrying the pump becomes that much harder. Finally, the price for the repair kit is reasonable but the purchase price is shown as a range since the prices we found varied widely.


As stated in the beginning of this comparison, there are many different types of pumps in the world. There are some characteristics of pumps which we did not cover here and which make all the difference depending on the application. However, based on our experience and use of each of these pumps, the pump which stands out to us is the Hi Force HP110. This is due to its construction, ease of use, capabilities and the support from its manufacturer. For all these reasons and more we are always confident to supply these pumps and put them out to rent for our customers.

Author: David Shaw

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