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How Does a Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Work?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A double acting hydraulic cylinder (a.k.a. double acting ram) is a cylinder that contains two ports through which hydraulic fluid can pass.

Basic Principles of a Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

A double acting hydraulic cylinder requires hoses for each of its ports. When the hydraulic fluid is pumped into the advance port, the piston rod extends and pushes hydraulic fluid out through the other port. When the operation is reversed the piston retracts.

Due to the double-acting design, the operator can retract and extend the piston under pressure and to the desired length. This ability allows for more precise lifting and lowering and can make lifting heavy machinery more accurate and the process more controlled.

See the image below to view the basic design of a double acting hydraulic cylinder.

Selecting a Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Choosing the right double acting hydraulic cylinder is essential to an efficient system. Before ordering a double acting hydraulic cylinder, consider the operating pressure and capacity to ensure it meets your operational needs.

Winshaw Hydraulic Tools offers a wide array of double acting hydraulic cylinders with superior versatility and durability. Designed for heavy-duty lifting, our HDA double acting hydraulic cylinder features a substantial pulling force in the piston retraction mode and fast, controlled extension for continuous duty cycle operation.

By understanding the functions of a double acting hydraulic cylinder, you can more easily find the right one to fit your capacity and operational needs.

To learn more about our double acting hydraulic cylinders, contact Winshaw Hydraulic Tools today.

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